Top 5 Macbook Pro Accessories

Top 5 Macbook Pro Accessories: we all know that the MacBook Pro is so popular in the young generation. Its strong build quality mixed with Apple’s logo design has created many people would argue is the single greatest laptop brand money can buy. Sure, Apple’s OS is more simple, faster and, in some cases, more simple than other Windows models, but while Macs shine in the tech world, they fall behind in the competition when it comes to added more features. It’s not to say these features don’t come with Apple MacBook Pro, but more so that they don’t come, normal laptop models, like they do in competing models.

finally, Apple, and some of the other brands, have created uncountable accessories to help your Macbook’s game. From  MacBook pro different cases to different camera covers, in our selection covers all accessories you need to get the most out of your laptop. Take a look at our 5 favorite Macbook Pro accessories below the list.


1. Airpods Pro

With active noise cancellation, equipped advice, and overall better sound quality, Airpods Pro is clearly Apple’s most popular MacBook Pro accessory. When you want to define your own music or podcast zone, eliminating active noise effectively blocks the rest of the world. But when someone needs to talk to you, you can turn on transparency mode to hear it easily and naturally without having to remove your Airpods. Airpods really align with the Pro version.

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2. LaCie 2TB Mobile External Hard Drive

The bottle packaging is most of the time used to create media such as video clips and music. However, these files can be quite large and consume massive storage space. Don’t let these large files access your Macbook Pro. LaCie 2TB Portable External Hard Drive adds a massive amount of storage to all your Macbooks in portable packages. Having 2 TB of storage under $ 100 is an unrealistic borderline, making it a must-have Macbook Pro accessory.

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3. Twelve South Curved Stand for Macbook

Laptop mounts help reduce neck and shoulder loads by constantly looking at the screen. It also creates a good flow when you line up your laptop with other work screens to create a level workstation. This stand is specially designed for Mac, leaving enough airflow to keep your laptop cool while keeping it in place. If you are about to get a position on a Macbook, we highly recommend using this Macbook extension.

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4. SanDisk Ultra USB-C Dual Flash Drive

Connectivity in the latest versions of Macbooks can be especially frustrating. Thank you for your SanDisk USB flash drive. This inexpensive thumb drive directly connects to your Macbook for fast, portable storage without the need for any adapters. You can then use the USB 3.1 side to transfer data from Macbook Pro to another device. This is a smart and reliable way to get compatible and convertible Mac storage.

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5. Nomad Kevlar USB-C Cable

The Nomad Kevlar USB-C charging cable is designed to extend the life of your Macbook Pro, and even life expectancy in the next Macbook Pro. It’s protected by Kevlar protection, and it’s one of the most durable Macbook Pro USB-C cables. It is six feet long and gives you additional flexibility when charging your device or transferring data from device to device. It might be the only USB-C you need to buy.

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